Genius Scan+ - iPhone Apps We Use for Movember

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Wed, 11/23/2011 - 11:00 -- by The Queen Bee

We have been taking daily pictures of everyone here in the office to keep you up to date on our Movember progress. Rather than bring in a dedicated camera to accomplish this we have been taking pictures with our iPhones. We've actually been doing an awful lot of Movember-related activities with our iPhones and we want to share with you the apps we're using to do them.

Genius Scan+

The next step in making great Movember shots is getting them cropped and centered. Although Genius Scan+ is meant for taking photos of documents and translating them into PDF or image scans, it's also great for perfectly cropping each of our moustachioed faces against the whiteboard background. Genius Scan+ auto-detects edges on pictures and crops and skews an image to be a perfect rectangle. We've used this app to take pictures of whiteboard brainstorming sessions and handwritten notes in the past, and it works amazingly well. You can scan documents in black and white or color and put them in a PDF to be sent to an email recipient, a Dropbox folder, a note in Evernote, or any of a bunch of other services and programs. Although you can use the app for cropping Movember shots, it is best used for scanning documents using your phone's camera. Check out how well it does in the screenshots below.