Night Camera - iPhone Apps We Use for Movember

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Thu, 11/17/2011 - 11:00 -- by The Queen Bee

We have been taking daily pictures of everyone here in the office to keep you up to date on our Movember progress. Rather than bring in a dedicated camera to accomplish this we have been taking pictures with our iPhones. We've actually been doing an awful lot of Movember-related activities with our iPhones and we want to share with you the apps we're using to do them.

Night Camera

We use Night Camera to take our Movember mug shots because it has a wonderful image stabilization feature. To ensure you have a blur-free shot, you need to have a stable hand. Unfortunately I don't, so I use Night Camera to help me take the best possible shot with my iPhone.

After making sure the stabilizing mode is enabled, tap the shutter button and hold the phone as steady as possible. Once the accelerometer in the phone reports to the app that the phone is steady, it takes a crystal-clear picture.

The app has other useful features as well, such as different filters to capture Black and White, Sepia, or Hard Light filtered shots, the ability to add a time stamp to your photos, and a 4x digital zoom.

Check out the app on the App Store if your shaky hands have a tendency of ruining your best shots.