Website, Mobile, and App Development

Design and development are some of the core functions here. While they are fast becoming commoditized through an ever-expanding global marketplace of talent, we still believe in the art of website design. It still has purpose, meaning, and value when executed properly.

Design not Decoration

There is an important distinction between graphic design and graphic decoration. Design has purpose, decoration does not. Good decoration may have you saying “that looks nice”, but good design will have you saying “this is working.”

We are designers, not decorators.

Ultimately, when it comes to graphic design, it’s not about what you want, but rather what will work.

Web Programming

Our principle development focus at APIS is on highly scalable, open source frameworks. We love Drupal for this, so it is often our weapon of choice. But web development is a means to an end, so we can’t put all of our eggs in one basket. Ultimately we choose the best language / environment / framework to suit your requirements, needs, and objectives.

Our programming skills are varied and deadly. We’ve yet to encounter a programming challenge we can’t best.

Mobile: New Ways of Looking at New Things

Don’t panic - mobile websites and “apps” are simply a means to an end. They were borne out of a need to communicate on new devices in new situations. These devices tend to be smaller, slower and less interactive than conventional computers. As a result, mobile users tend to be less patient. People have different needs and requirements when they’re on the go, so your mobile presence has to be considerate of that.

What hasn’t changed is the process. Identifying your users, what their objectives are, and how to bring the two together through an incredible experience. We can help.

What’s Involved?
  • Mobile websites
  • Mobile versions of “desktop” websites (maybe you've heard of Responsive Design, or Adaptive Design - that's our forte)
  • Smartphone Apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Amazon)
  • SMS and QR code integrated campaigns